BSNL Hello TV for PC/Data Card FAQ

What is BSNL Hello TV for PC / Data Card ?

Hello TV is the one stop entertainment destination where you can watch your favorite videos, movies and Live TV channels on your PC / Laptop through your data card.

How it is different from Mobile TV?

You can also see BSNL ‘Hello TV’ on your mobile (small screen). But if you want to see TV on bigger screen i.e. on Laptop/PC screen the same is provided through, “Hello TV service for PC / Data Card”.

What kind of entertainment can I find on Hello TV?

Music videos, Movies and 50+ live TV channels. Hello TV has the best of entertainment. Just browse through our massive library of 1000+ items and take your pick from the best of Indian entertainment.

How do I avail the Hello TV service?

You can avail this service on BSNL's – FTTH, WiMAX, DSL, GSM/EVDO Data cards & also through other operator's any internet access by browsing web page.
For Live TV channel:
  • Access webpage.
  • Create a Hello TV account.
  • Log in by using username and password.
  • Choose your channel and click on the subscribe button.
  • Select payment option.
But for payment purpose BSNL's GSM number will have to be mentioned. Money will be deducted from this mobile number after authentication.

How to access this service through internet ?

Through any internet media access, customer can browse

What are the different channels we can watch on Hello TV ?

UTV Stars
Zoom TV
Music India
UTV Bindaas
Star News
Raj Tv
Kairali TV
Raj News
Hamaar TV
Sangeet Bhojpuri
PTC Punjabi
PTC Chakde
Kairali News
Raj Digital Plus
Sangeet Bangla
24 Ghanta
B4U Movies
Manoranjan TV
PTC News
DD National
Vissa TV
Jaya TV
Aaj Tak
Bloomberg UTV
UTV Movies
B4U Music
Raj Musix
Headlines Today
ET Now
Live India
Times now
Star Majha
Star Ananda
Tv9 Gujrat
Tv9 Mumbai

What are the different kinds of value packs available in three channel pack option ?

These are combination of different channel packs designed as per market demands. e.g. Namkeen Teen, Super South, Breaking News Pack, North Ka Dhamal , Aami Bengali, Aamchi Pack & Ekdam Bollywood.

Can other operator customers subscribe BSNL Hello TV service, if yes. How other operator/ service provider’s customer can avail this service ?

They can subscribe using TRUST Card payment option on the website..

Is there any service other than TV channels ?

Yes, you can access Music Videos & Movies in addition to TV channels:
For Music videos:
  • Create a Hello TV account
  • Log in by using username and password.
For Movies:
  • Create a Hello TV account
  • Log in by using username and password.

What are the different kinds of subscriptions packs that I can choose from Hello TV ?

There are many kinds of subscription packs you can choose from
Pack No. of channels Subscription fee Validity
Jumbo 30 99* 1 month
South Special 30 99* 1 month
Value Packs 3 29* 1 month
Single Channel 1 10* Daily
1 20* Weekly
1 29* Monthly
*for latest tariff, please visit BSNL website –

What are the mode of payments in Hello TV account?
You can pay by 2 modes after creating an account: a) TRUST card b) BSNL Mobile number talk-time:- the subscription charge will be deducted from balance of your prepaid BSNL Mobile Number (GSM Mobile or Data Card Number) or billed, in case of BSNL Postpaid number.

Is there any limit on the number of items I can subscribe from Hello TV?

Absolutely not, we believe entertainment has no limits, so why limit your access to entertainment.

Do I need to be a member of Hello TV to access the entertainment?

Yes, you have to create a Hello TV account to enjoy browsing and sampling all the videos and movie content available on the site. For Live TV you have to create a Hello TV account and subscribe to the channel packs.

I am very selective about the content I subscribed, what plan do you recommend?

If you would like to pick just one item at a time, choose single channel pack. If you are likely to go for more than one channel at a time, you can go for the jumbo pack.

Can I hold multiple subscription plans at the same time ?

Yes, you can hold multiple subscription plans at the same time.

Can I change my plan before I pay for the content ?

Sure you can. When you are on the shopping cart page, just choose the price plan which best suits your requirement. Only when you are sure that you are opting for the right price plan, that is when you should click on “Proceed to payment”.

What can I find in the My Cart ?

Your “My Cart” consists of all the items you want to purchase. To go to the My Cart, just click on My Cart items.

Can I create playlist of the content in my content library ?


Can anyone else access My Account ?

Your “My Account” is your own private collection of purchased content. So long as you do not share your Hello TV username/password, no one else can access your content library.

Do I have unlimited access to the content in “My Account”?

Yes, you can access your content library as often as you want to, by simply authenticating yourself with username/password and going to “My Account”.
I have a question about one of my transactions listed here, who do I ask?
You can Email us your query on the following email ids:
Sr. No. Zone Name of the Call center
E-mail id
1 North zone Karnal
2 Dehradun
3 Ajmer
4 Lucknow
5 West zone Ahmedabad
6 Pune
7 Bhopal
8 East zone Guwahati
9 Bhubaneshwar
10 Kolkata
11 Patna
12 South zone Hyderabad
13 Bangalore
14 Chennai
Are all the entertainment content (music videos, movies and live TV channels) on Hello TV available for subscription?
No, Music videos and movies do not require any kind of subscription. You can simply log in and click on the content and it will play. Only for Live TV channels subscription is required.
What is the minimum speed required to enjoy this service?
Minimum bandwidth required is 256 kbps.
Why should I pay for subscribing content from Hello TV when I can download it free from other sites?
Hello TV offers the latest content available on the entertainment circuit. We also ensure that the content you are subscribing from the site is of good quality and is free of any viruses or spyware. This way, you are subscribing to the best of entertainment, and that too legally.
Can I be sure that the entertainment content I download from Hello TV is legal ?
BSNL ensures that all the content available on the site is legal. Be it the videos, movies or live TV channels, all the content featured on Hello TV is being offered legally for your entertainment and downloading purposes.
If I find any inappropriate content on the site, what should I do ?
You can report this inappropriate content to us. Click on the ‘contact us’ link or fill out the form of Feedback. Our team will promptly look into this.
Can I get this service on my mobile ?
Yes. Live TV, videos and movies are available on “BSNLLIVE” WAP Portal which you can access from your mobile. Please visit in to get more information on this.
From where I can get Trust Card ?
Its available at ITZ world's outlet, BSNL Franchisees, BSNL Customer Service Centers, BSNL retailers.
Is there any other service charges applicable apart from Service pack charges?
Data / browsing charges are applicable as per the data plan.

BSNL Billing FAQ

How to get a duplicate bill ?

Duplicate Bills indicating the bill amount can be obtained from the Customer Relations Officer of your Zone. The same can also be obtained from the Accounts Officer Telephone Revenue of your zone. No fee is levied for this facility. Details of the outstanding bills can also be known through Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS) wherever installed.? Fax image of the bill can be obtained through IVRS.

How to get rental rebate ?

Rebate in rental is provided suo-moto to subscribers when the services are interrupted over a prolonged period due to departmental reasons.

Proportionate rental rebate will be given when the service is interrupted for a period ranging from 7 days to 14 days

30 days rental rebate will be given to subscribers when the service is interrupted for more than 15 days but less than 30 days

Pro-rata rental rebate will be given when the service is interrupted for more than one month.

In all these rebate cases there will be corresponding reduction in the number of free calls allowed.

If rental rebate is not given automatically, the subscriber can represent to the Divisional Engineer (Internal) of his telephone exchange.

How do I get reconnection after disconnection ?

  • If the reconnection is requested within 3 months from the date of disconnection, reconnection will be allowed by the Customer Relation Officer after collecting the bill dues.The reconnection charge will be levied through subsequent telephone bill.The reconnection is likely on the same day or the following day.
  • If it is more than three months, the cable pair and indicator number are not guaranteed. However, if he apply for reconnection, it will be processed by the concerned AO(TR) after collecting all the dues including reconnection charges. The security deposit will also be reviewed and further demanded wherever necessary.
  • In case of more than 6 months, such lines are treated permanently closed. However, under the discretionary powers vested, the Deputy General Manager concerned may approve for reconnection in which case the intervening rental is also to be levied in addition to pending bills, reconnection fees and security deposit if any In cases falling under (b) and (c)the reconnection AN (NPO) will be issued to the field units for reconnecting the line.

Where do I get details about Outstanding Bills ?

Outstanding telephone dues can be obtained from the Customer Relations Officer of your zone. The same can also be obtained from your Accounts Officer Telephone Revenue of the zone if the bill is outstanding for more than 3 months. Details of the outstanding bills can also be known through Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS) wherever installed. Fax image of the bill can be obtained through IVRS.

What is the due date of issue of telephone bill

Telephone bills are issued to customers by the Heads of Secondary Switching Areas(SSAs).The dates can be ascertained from the Heads of SSAs. The Telecom Circles/Metro Telephone Districts now decide the date schedule for issue of telephone bills keeping in mind the twin objectives of better customer service and improved collection efficiency.

What is the periodicity of bill ?

Customers making more than 3000 calls in a month are presently billed monthly, and all others are billed bi-monthly.

What is the payment procedure for the bills

  • Telephone bills can be paid by customers before the "pay_by_date" in cash or by local demand draft/cheque or moneyorder, at any of BSNL's cash counters, customer service centres, CTOs/DTOs etc., located within the concerned SSA. The payment of bill after pay_by_date is restricted to specified collection centres only.
  • The customers are also permitted to pay their telephone bills in any of the authorised post offices (including branch post offices) and Nationalised/Scheduled banks in the SSAs upto the "pay_by_dates" printed on the bills. They may also make such payments for a limited period beyond the normal "pay_by_date" in certain banks/post offices that are specified by the Head of the Circle concerned.

What is the time allowed to pay the bill ?

The customer is required to pay the bill by the "pay-by-date" printed thereon, the pay-by-date at present is 21 days from the date of issue of the bill.

Are there hassle-free modes of payment of bills ?

Yes. Voluntary Deposit(Revolving Account System) and Electronic Clearance Service (debit) schemes, also enable the customer to pay telephone bills without visiting a cash counter or collection centre. The deposit in the former scheme earn simple interest at an attractive rate of 9%p.a (2002-03) and in the later scheme customer earn a discount @ 1% of the value of bill(excluding service tax component) subject to a maximum of Rs.1000/-(Rupees One thousand only).

What is the present rate of Service Tax ?

Service tax on Telecom Services is levied at the rate of 12.36% inclusive of Education Cess.

What is the timeframe for settlement of an excess metering complaint ?

An excess metering complaint is normally required to be settled within 2 months.

3G Video Calling FAQ

3G Video Calling

What I need to do to make a video call?

Having following things will enable you to make a video call. a. Both calling and called party should be 3G mobile customers. b. Both calling and called party should have suitable handset with 2 cameras.

Do I have to make special setting in my handset so that it can support Video call?

If you have a 3G service enabled handset and a 3G SIM (which is known as USIM) then you need to follow following steps to enable video call service for your self on your handset: a. Go to menu b. Click on setting™ button. c. Click on network d. Click on network mode e. Here you will see three options Dual, UMTS and GSM f. Clicking on Dual mode will first reboot your handset and then make your handset active for 3G network wherever it is available else the handset will remain active as it does in ordinary 2G/ 2.5 G network. Once your handset is in dual mode it will give preference to 3G network i.e. if both 2G/ 2.5G and 3G networks are there then will work in 3G Network.

How do I know that presently I am active in 3G network?

It will be visible on the screen of your handset. 3G sign will appear in your handset near the signal sign.

How do I make a Video Call?

When you and your friend both have 3G mobiles, just dial his number. The only difference is that you press the Video Call button instead of the voice call button(All 3G mobiles have a video calling button). Then hold your mobile in front of you, and watch your screen. Stepwise: a. Key in t he number of the person you wish to see and speak to b. Press video calling button to make your call c. Your video call is connceted.

How do I know that I am receiving a Video Call?


If someone Video Calls™ you while you're in 3G coverage, your mobile shows an icon on your mobile screen. To answer, press the Video Call button. You can even turn the camera off and have a normal voice call if you do not want to be seen

What number do I dial to make a video call?

 It's the same number as the voice number.

What happens if the person I am video calling does not have 3G services/ network?


Video calling is a 3G service - it is only possible if you both are within 3G coverage. If the other party is not in 3G network then the video call will not be connected, the call will drop and you will get a message œvideo call not supported by called party networkâ€?. In such a case you may like to make a voice call only.

What happens to my video call if I move out of 3G coverage area?


As video call is supported by 3G network only in BSNL hence if any of the party involved in conversation moves out of 3G coverage, the video call will drop. In such a case you may like to make a ‘voice call™.

What happens to my voice call if I move out of 3G coverage area?


You voice call will continue without any interruption.

Why can not I make a video call even when I have ful 3G signals?


Either the person you're calling doesn't have a compatible (3G) phone, or he is outside 3G coverage. In either case, the call will drop and you'll be have to make an ordinary voice call instead.


Is it possible to take voice call during internet surfing ?

What is video ring back tone ?
As in an audio ring back tone you hear the song which the called party has selected to be played when he/she is called, in the same way During video ring back you will see a video as selected by the called party

How many persons can simultaneously have video conferencing ?
Upto 10 People.

What is video streaming ?
Video Streaming is a sequence of "moving images" that are sent in compressed form over the Internet and displayed by the viewer as they arrive. It allows user to view video contents while downloading is in progress.

Is 3G coverage available in rural areas ?
At present r 3G coverage is available only in select cities and would be gradually extended to rural areas in due course of time

What will happen to my voice call if I move from 3G to 2G area ?
Your call will continue without getting dropped.

Will I get network coverage in Malls (basement) ?
BSNL is identifying such hotspots to provide coverage

What will happen to my data call (data card) while moving from 3G to 2G network ?
It will switch automatically to GPRS connection, i.e., the speed would be slower than that available in 3G network.

3G broadband available everywhere ?
Presently it is available in Ambala and is going to be available shortly in all state capitals and other major cities. For details, please log on to

What is a video call?
When you talk to some body over phone and are able to see the persson at other end on the screen of your phone then it is called a video call.

Why should I opt for video call?
Video Calling lets your friends see where you're hanging out. With Video Call, you can view both yourself, and the person you've called, in high quality, real-time video.

BSNL BroadBand Service FAQ

BSNL Broadband

What is BSNL Broadband Service?
Broadband refers to a connection that has capacity to transmit large amount of data at high speed. Presently a connection having download speeds of 256 kbps or more is classified as broadband. When connected to the Internet such a connection allows surfing or downloading much faster than a dial-up or any other narrowband connections. BSNL offers 2 Mbps minimum download speed for its Broadband connections.

What is ADSL?
ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is a technology that allows copper telephone pairs to be used to provide a broadband connection. It provides ‘always-on’ Internet connection that is automatically established once the PC and ADSL modem are switched on.

What is always-on? service? Will there be call charges?
Always-on means that the ADSL broadband sets up a permanent connection to the internet that lets you access the internet as soon as you switch on the computer and the modem. You do not need to dial up like when you are using a standard modem connection. There will be no call charges for Internet access but voice calls will be charged as before.

How fast is ADSL compared to normal dial-up, ISDN and DIAS connection?
If you are using a 2 Mbps broadband connection then you will be having a download speed which is 35 times faster than that of normal dial-up connection, about 16 times faster than that of ISDN connection and about 16 times faster than that of DIAS connection.

What are the benefits of ADSL?
o Fast downloads o Upto 140 times faster than dial-up connection o Always on connection o Telephone and Internet access can be used together o No telephone call charges o Cost effective way to access Internet o A host of free content on the web can be downloaded faster

What is the difference between BSNL Broadband home and BSNL Broadband business?
Both of these connections offer high speed Internet access respectively for home and office environment. In BSNL Broadband for business connecting more than one computer may be allowed along with other features like extra email addresses, domain name, web hosting space , static IP (Select Plans only) etc.

Do I need a separate line for ADSL?
No. ADSL can run on your existing basic phone (Bfone) line. If you do not have a Bfone connection then you need to get one from BSNL before you can ask for an ADSL broadband connection.

Can I use both phone and ADSL together?
Yes. ADSL uses a different set of frequencies and does not interfere with telephone conversation. Conversely, making a phone call while accessing the Internet does not affect the speed of the ADSL connection.

How do I get the connection?
Fill up a registration form and deposit at BSNL customer centers. These forms are available on the BSNL web-site, from customer service centers and franchisees. You can also register online at BSNL website by filling a simple form. Click here to register online

What is a CPE? How do I get it?
CPE stands for Customer Premise Equipment. This consists of an ADSL modem/router and a stand-alone or a build in splitter to separate the telephone and broadband connections. There are three options for getting the CPE from BSNL. Option I - Free Modem (Available only With selected Plans subject to conditions). Option II - Outright Purchase from BSNL. Option III - On Rent. Please click here for details

What is a splitter? Do I need one?
If at your home/business, the same line is used for voice and data then you need to separate out these signals by using a splitter. The splitter will have one output for your telephone and one or more for the ADSL modem which in turn connects to your computer. This comes along with the modem that BSNL provides.

My friend has ADSL but BSNL in my city says I cannot!

These could be the reasons for this. Your distance from the nearest ADSL Central Office equipment(DSLAM) may be beyond the technically permissible limit. Visibly the distance of your house/business may look same to you as your friend's but it is the actual cable length that counts. Once you apply for a BSNL broadband connection, you line will be tested and you will be informed whether you home/business is covered. Other reason could be that your friend has a BSNL fixed line phone and you do not. Click here to view the list of cities having Broadband Service.

What is download/upload?

When the information flows from somewhere e.g. a web-page or a site to your PC you are "downloading" on the other hand when you send information e.g. request for a web-page, you are "uploading"

Why are the download/upload rates different?

ADSL is an asymmetric technology giving different rates in “down” and “up” directions. This is perfectly fine since we download(browsing, downloading clips, music etc) much more than we upload(a website address, a few clicks etc)

How do I connect to ADSL?

To connect to ADSL you need an ADSL modem/router to be installed at your home/business. On your PC you should have an Ethernet port with RJ45 socket. Some ADSL modems have a USB port and you could connect these modems to the USB port of you computer.

How do I install ADSL?

Once your connection comes through, an installation pack consisting of the CPE and installation guide will be sent to you. If you have requested BSNL for installation, a technician will visit and complete the installation for you. If you are buying your own Modem you can still request for installation on payment of the requisite charges. We will, however, only support equipment supplied by us.

How long does it take to install ?

Once we receive your order, BSNL will do the required line checks and assuming these pass it takes around 5-10 working days for the service to be enabled by BSNL at your local telephone exchange.

Do I need any software for the installation?

No. With your Welcome Pack you get an installation CD which includes everything you need to get started. If you choose to use your own equipment (e.g. modem or router) then you will need to ensure you have the right software.

What is an IP address?

When you are connect to the Internet, your PC is automatically allocated an IP(Internet Protocol) address to identify it to the outside world. There are two types of IP addresses, dynamic and static. Dynamic IP changes from session to session while static always remains same.

What type of IP addresses are possible ?

IP addresses could be dynamic (that typically change with each session) and static (that are permanently allocated to you). BSNL Broadband provides both dynamic and static IP. However the static IP is given only in Business 5000 and Business 9000 plans.

Why would one need a static IP address?

A static IP address may be required for certain services or applications you use. These typically include: 1.Running your own mailserver (SMTP inbound). 2.Many VPN (virtual private network) implementations require one or both sides of the VPN to have a static IP address. 3.If you are connecting to your company network and need access through their firewall.

Can I change from one Broadband data rate to another?

Yes, You can change your BSNL Broadband plan at any time.

What happens if I shift my premises?

ADSL connection is given for a particular BSNL fixed line. If you move, ADSL can be shifted to a BSNL line in the new location subject to availability in that area. No shifting charges are required to be paid.

Do I still need to pay the telephone line rental ?

Yes. The ADSL broadband service uses your normal analogue exchange line to provide the high speed Internet access, so you still need to pay the line rental and any normal calls on that line.

How do I choose the speed/tariff plan that's right for me?

This will depend on the purpose for which you will be using the broadband connection. If you are using it from home or a small office, choosing a plan that offers a download limit of 1 GB is ideal for general surfing and emailing. However, if you are downloading lots of videos or sending very large files, it may be better to choose a broadband plan with even higher capacity.

How do I pay for Broadband from BSNL?

Broadband from BSNL is charged monthly, via your BSNL bill. You can choose to pay your BSNL bill by cash, cheque or bank or credit card.

Can the helpdesk help solve problems with my own computer/ hardware?

No. The helpdesk is there to help you with problems relating specifically to the Broadband service from BSNL and the hardware/software provided by BSNL. If you have purchased a product where hardware was not provided as part of the service, the helpdesk will not be able to assist you with it, and you should contact your hardware supplier.

Can I have more than one broadband connection, for redundancy/up time?

You can have more than one line, however we cannot guarantee service on broadband connections, therefore we do not suggest an additional broadband line for redundancy/up-time.

Do I need any extra equipment when upgrading to a faster speed package?

No, you will be able to use the modem/router provided with your current Broadband

I want to connect more than one computer to my Broadband...

I want to connect more than one computer to my Broadband line to share my internet connection. How do I do this?

Yes, if you choose the right broadband plan, you would be permitted to connect more than one computer. However, all the users will share the bandwidth allocated to you.

What is contention or a contention ratio?

To provide a cost effective service - all ADSL services are contended (shared). These contention ratios are applied in the backbone and international part of the network. A commonly applied contention rate is 50 : 1. All customers are guaranteed the plan rate up to the local exchange or the ADSL equipment to which they are connected. On the shared part of the network a 50:1 contention ratio would mean that a 2 Mbps connection would be shared by 49 others. In reality this is very unlikely to happen and the customer would find the connection much faster than dial-up modems. ADSL relies on individual users not making unreasonable traffic demands on the network to provide fast access speeds for all. If you are not getting the speed you expect, it can be due to the contention ratio but also to many other factors including the congestion at the remote site you are accessing.

Why do you limit the amount of data I can download ?

BNSL aims to provide fast, reliable service to all the broadband customers. Some customers try to hog disproportionate amount of available resources. Customers might select lower end plans for heavy work or make excessive use of peer-to-peer file sharing. This could result in 20% users using over 80% resources. High levels of usage by a small number of users risks reduced performance for all users. BSNL has the following options to solve this problem : 1. Lower the contention ratio 2. Provide more resources and increase the prices 3. Set download limits The first two options are not fair to 80% users who use the resources sensibly. As such setting dowonload limits was the best and fair solution. If any user requires higher limit he/she can upgrade to higher plan.

What all can I do with 1 GB(Giga Byte) download?

One GB is 1024 Megabyte or 1073741824 bytes. You can do the following with 1 GB download limit : 1. An average web page is about 50 kilobytes in size - so you could download around 20,000 web pages for 1 gigabyte. 2. An hour of surfing the web would be around 10 megabytes (200 pages) so you could surf non-stop for about 100 hours for 1 gigabyte. 3. An hour of streamed radio would use about 15-20 megabytes. 4. An hour of streamed video uses around 100-150 megabytes. 5. Playing an online game typically uses about 10-15 megabytes per hour. 6. Emails are very small - so 100 emails would be just 1 megabyte - or 100,000 emails for 1 gigabyte! (of course the attachments count extra) 7. A super-high resolution (5-6 megapixel) digital camera JPEG picture or typical MP3 music file is about 2-3 megabytes so you could download 350-500 of these images/music files for 1 gigabyte. Very few users would actually exceed the download limits set.
What is a firewall, should I have one?
A firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private computer/network. It is highly recommended that all Internet users (even using standard dialup access ) should have a firewall to protect their computer/network. As ADSL broadband service are ?always on? it is even more important. Many free firewall softwares like ZoneAlarm, Sygate Personal Firewall etc are available on the Web for download.
Do ADSL services come with a service level agreement ?
ADSL broadband services do not come with a SLA (service level agreement). However BSNL aims at repairing 80% of ADSL circuit faults within working hours. If you require a ‘guaranteed’ high-speed connection to the Internet you would probably require a leased line instead of ADSL broadband.
What is NAT (Network Address Translation/Translator)?
NAT stands for Network Address Translation/Network Address Translator. Each computer connected to the Internet needs to have a unique IP address. To use the global IP addresses more efficiently, computers belonging to a business can have “local” addresses. NAT would then allow connecting multiple “local” computers to the Internet using one IP address. Each NAT has a ‘table’ of local IP addresses and globally unique addresses by which the NAT box can translate the local IP addresses to global address and vice versa.
Can I host a web server on an ADSL line ?
A web server can be hosted on an ADSL line with static IP addresses for broadband connection. (Static IP addresses are available in Business 5000 and Business 9000 plans) Although it is technically possible but not recommended specially for important or heavy usage service. ADSL is asymmetric service with upstream rates much lower than downstream rates. In the business plan upstream rate is 128 kbps and with usual contention ratio, performance can be poor if many users try to access the web server. As it is not a recommended use, BSNL would not support maintenance complaints in such cases.
I have ADSL at office, can I also use it at home ?
An ADSL Broadband account is activated on a specific telephone line only. If you need to use the broadband connection at a location other than where it is installed you need to take another broadband connection.
Where can I get help about BSNL Broadband service?
You can call 24 hours helpline number: 1600 424 1600
What kind of PC do I need to run ADSL?
Most present day configuration PCs will run ADSL. The following minimum configuration is, however, recommended:
  • Processor 200 MHz (or better)
  • perating System Windows 98SE (or higher)
  • RAM (memory) 32 MB RAM
  • Free Disk Space 125MB
  • SVGA monitor
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Network Interface Card(NIC) with 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port with RJ45 socket\

How do I check upload/ downlaod usage? How do I change my password...
How do I check upload/ downlaod usage? How do I change my password for BSNL Broadband email account?

Please visit using your BSNL broadband connection and click on the link "Dataone account administration" for further details.
I had taken Plan 250 BSNL Broadband connection in Sep'2005.For the first two months...
I had taken Plan 250 BSNL Broadband connection in Sep'2005.For the first two months I got internet bill for 250 only. But for this month i got a bill to pay Rs 356. And one thing, that month i used net very frequently.So, my doubt is eventhough if do not downloaded anything i exceeded my limit. What would be the correct reason for this?

In broadband connection it is different from dialup connection. Here frequency doesnot matter as it is always on conncetion. What matters is the size of the pages you visit. If you visit sites which are having small graphics and more text then you are downloading very small amount of data. But if you are visitng sites with large graphics or streaming videos then you are downloading higher amount of data.
What are the conditions for getting a free modem or changing the type of free modem?
For certain plans, the modem shall be given free by BSNL subject to some conditions - (For details click here). In this case customer will own the modem and does not require to return the modem. Any type of modem (Type I/II/III/IV) can be taken under this offer after paying the required cost/rent of modem. If a subscriber has initially taken Type-I modem under this offer, he can request to change it to higher type (Type-II/III/IV) after paying the difference amount of higher modem. After the committed period if a subscriber demands another modem then he can choose any of these three options: (i) He can get another modem by paying the rent for another committed period. or (ii) He can choose rental option for another modem. or (iii) He can outright purchase another modem.
I am on Monthly Rental Scheme for the Modem and decide to opt for outright purchase...
I am on Monthly Rental Scheme for the Modem and decide to opt for outright purchase of modem, what amount shall be charged from me?

  • If you want to continue with the existing modem, 50% of the amount already paid as monthly rentals can be adjusted in the Sale Price of modem.
  • If you want a new modem, Full amount will be charged as per Prevailing Price for the new Modem and the Old Modem is to be returned in working condition.

Free PC Apps

Portable Image ViewerJPEGview is a fast, no frills image viewer and editor for JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF formats. The minimalist interface offers a full screen viewing area without permanent toolbars or buttons to distract you. You can navigate between images via keyboard shortcuts and semi-transparent controls that appear on mouseover. The majority of features is available from the right-click menu.
In addition to image viewing, JPEGview also provides a variety of image adjustment features, such as color balance, shadow/highlight levels and Unsharp Mask sharpening as well as automatic color and contrast correction.Advanced users can customize the default settings via .INI config file.

Free Image Viewer and Editor. It can as well play avi video files and some type of audio files. There are many tools around doing that, but the aim of this Freeware is to be a small and handy tool doing what it says and running also as a standalone exe file.

Latest Apps and Useful Information for PC

Toolwiz Pretty Photo
    you can edit photos with this tool. with Artistic Filters you change photo to different styles. using Adjust Picture menu you resize or add the frame. using Add pictures option you can add different marks to picture.

If you want one keyboard for  PC, Tab and Mobile then it is possible with Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810

Logitech Introduced 5 inch touch pad. Designed with special gestures for Windows 8. once you charge you can use for 3 months

VAIO Duo 11 UltraBook can used as Tab or Laptop. 11.6 inch screen, Intel Core i 5 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB Flash Storage. Battery Backup 4.5 hours cost 89,990/- is providing videos of different topics like how paint nails, how to change moustache to different styles. There are 60,000 videos for Beauty, food, Health, Love, Family, Education, technology, Games categories

if you want search a particular person or topic in particular site in Google you type as
Site:<Website Name> Topic for example Mahatma Gandhi will search Mahatma Gandhi in

 WEB Time Features
There are so many features in Alarms & Clocks of  webstore utilities division

you can use Chrome Timer for Countdown it will give alarm after the countdown
you can install it from Google Web Store
for all browsers

for Wold Clocks,

if you want world time on map

for Break
if you want after certain time break for this you want to get alerted
use Tea Clock from

if you want to set music track as alarm use Alarm Clock Radio from

if you want to set online music, videos as alarm use Online Music Alarm Clock from

If you want set attractive images as background to Wathces use Onlive Clock

for more time and alarm services visit

More Information....

For games, Free e-books, software,tutorials, wallpapers you can use

 MAC Docking Toolbar If you want for Windows use Object Dock

For all in one Application : for Files Explorer, for web browsing Web Browser, For Listening songs Media Player, For Photos Image Viewer like this everything in one player that is Ubiquitous Player

You can take your Gmain Inbox backup from

Latest Mobile Apps

Friends Locations
Do you want to know where your Friends are there you need not call, You can use Palvu Tool. you can download this from Google Play for Android. You have install tool and invite friends and you can get realtime information about you friends. you can use it with facebook also. Privacy controls are strict.
for iPhone users

Google Music
       If you install Google's Play Music App you can listen to 20,000 freely available songs. You can share them on social network. you can see latest music albums in market. It will work in online aswell as offline mode.

App Lock:
      If you want to Lock some applications that you installed in your Mobile then that is possible with App Lock. Android Users can freely Install this app. Once You install and open it it will show all the list of applications then you can Lock any application show that no body else can use it. If you want to use it you have use your password.

New Home Screen
     If you want to change to different different Home Screens you need Go Launcher EX application. You can customize it also.

  If you want to know latest detials said by NASA Scientists you can use NASA App HD.  You can get this freely  from

Pregnancy App:
Iphone  Users can downlaod from iTunes, it will give precautions, food sugesstion etc during pregnancy. You write dairy daily, you can monitor baby growth

For Window Mobile

Numeric Test
         If you want to test your IQ, you can use Numeric Test App

For Bike Race in 3D install AE 3D Motor

Like AngryBirds game if you want for windows use BirdsBuzz

For BlackBerry

         Fancy Smiley-Fancy Characters App  for MMS,Email,Chating you can get from

Expence Book  will note you daily expenses in BlackBerry

For editing photos in BlackBerry you can use PhotoStudio

More Apps...

           Recorded voice if you want to convert to another persone voice Change My Voice App is useful.

If you want to Automatically Record you incoming calls use bAuto Call Recorder

'Interior Design Ideas' application Iphone

'Make Your home' Android 
Flooring Plans for Apple
Design Dimensions
Home Design 3D

BSNL Online Billpayment with Discount

Pay your bill online before Due Date and Enjoy 1% discount in subsequent bill.Conditions Apply!
**** You can Now Pay Your Landline Bills even after Pay By Date ****Update your Mobile Number and Subscribe for SMS Alerts !

BSNL karnataka Online Bill Payment with Discount


All BSNL Landline customers throughout Karnataka now can
pay their

Telephone Bill online

and avail 1% rebate as credit in their next bill.

For this customer has to logon to

and use the link Pay landline bills.
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