MAHARASHTRA New Year festive Promotional Offer of New SMS STV

New Year festive Promotional Offer of New SMS STV for Black Out Day under Prepaid Mobile Services STV (in Rs.) Details of STV Validity 24 130 SMS (Local/STD) any net on Blackout day 02 Days (i.e. 31/12/2015 and 01/01/2016)

“NAMMA PLAN “ PV-85 Karnataka BSNL

Karnataka Telecom Circle
 Introduction of New prepaid plan “NAMMA PLAN “ PV-85 as a promotional
offer for a period of 60 days from 21-12-2015 to 18-02-2016 under prepaid mobile
service in Karnataka circle.
The tariff of “NAMMA PLAN“ PV-85
Plan Voucher “Namma Plan” PV 85
MRP of Plan Voucher in Rs. 85
Free Usage Allowed with Plan Voucher^ (to be used within 30 days)
Free Voice Call (Pulse) In Min
Free Voice Call On-net/Off-net 30 Min Local/ STD any network
Free Data 50 MB
Plan Validity in days 180
Migration to Other Plan Through any applicable working Plan Voucher
Migration From Other Plan Allowed
Plan Voucher Denomination for Migratation purpose 85
Keyword for activation through SMS ( SMS to 123) PLAN NAMMA
B-II. Plan Details:
PV 85
(i)Voice Call Charges
(a) Special Tariff: Promotional benefit for first
90 Days
Reduced Pulse rate
P/ Sec
Pulse rate ( in Seconds) 1 Sec
Local/STD Fixed On-net 0.8 P/Sec
Local/STD Mobile On-net 0.8 P/Sec
Local/STD Fixed Off-net 0.8 P/Sec
Local/STD Mobile Off-net 0.8 P/Sec
(b) Base Tariff: P/Min ( Day 91 to 180)
Pulse rate ( in Seconds) 60 Sec
Local/STD Fixed On-net 48 P/Min
Local/STD Mobile On-net 48 P/Min
Local/STD Fixed Off-net 48 P/Min
Local/STD Mobile Off-net 48 P/Min
ISD Call As per " corporate SECOND" plan
Plan Details: PV 85
(ii) Video Call Charges P / sec
Pulse rate (Seconds) 1 sec
Local/STD On-net/Off-Net 4 P/Sec
Incoming Nil
Page 2
Regd. & Corporate office: Bharat Sanchar Bhavan, H.C.Mathur Lane, Janpath, New Delhi-110001
Corporate Identity Number (CIN): U74899DL2000G0I107739
(iii) SMS
Local/National On-net/Off-Net 25 p/SMS
International 5
Delivery Report Nil
Missed Call Alert Free
(iv) National Roaming
(a) Voice Call P / Min
Pulse rate (Seconds) 60 Sec
Local/STD On-net/Off-Net 80 P/Min
Incoming Call Free (Up to: 13 June 2016 )
Local/National SMS 25 p/SMS
International SMS Rs 5/SMS
Incoming SMS 0
Non- P2P SMS (From Home LSA/While Roaming ) 3
Premium Non- P2P SMS As determined by Content Provider
(c) Video Call P / sec
Pulse rate (Seconds) 1 sec
Local/STD On-net/Off-Net 5 P/Sec
Incoming Call 5 P/Sec
(v) GPRS Service
Activation Charges Nil
Monthly Subscription Nil
Volume based usage charges per 10 KB in Rs. (Home
3 P /10 KB , 25 P/ MB(bsnlstream) Location & While Roaming)
(vi) MMS Service
Local/National P2P (Rate per MMS in Rs.) (Home
RS 3 LSA/while Roaming)
International (Rate per MMS in Rs.) (Home LSA/while
RS 8 Roaming)
M2P (Downloader to pay) (Home LSA/while Roaming)
As determined by the content provider (As determined by the content provider
1)Always Full Usage Value on Top Up of Rs.200 to
Other Benefits & T &C 1100,1500,2000,2200,2500 and 3000
2) All other Tariff as per “Corporate Per Sec” Plan

3) All STVs are allowed.

BSNL Chennai rationalization of prepaid Data tariff 01/01/2016

New Year Festival Promotional offer of new SMS STV for Black-out days under prepaid  mobile services.
  BSNL Chennai Telephones is happy to to rationalize the prepaid Data tariff under mobile  services in Tamilnadu LSA including Chennai TD
Ø *** There is revision in freebies credited for Data PVs 1499,2799 and 3999 . The freebies will be credited on  MONTHLY basis from 01-01-2016 for TN Circle and CHTD .

Ø NEW DATAPV4499 with freebies 30GB and validity ONE YEAR will be introduced for TN Circle and CHTD 
With effect from 00.00 hrs of 01/01/2016

*** If the Customers recharged same DPV on or after 01-01-2016 for these denominations (1499/2799&3999) they  will be credited the freebies on Monthly basis only. The unused data will not be carry forward and they should   exhaust the same before 31/12/2015.
  1) Rationalization of Annual Data Plan Vouchers as below w.e.f 01-01-2016: 
NEW DPV -4499
MRP of DPV incl S.Tax
Rs 3999
Rs 2799
Rs 1499
Rs 4499
Free data usages
2.5 GB per month for one year
1.5 GB per month for one year
0.75 GB per month for one year
30 GB for 12 Months
Selfcare SMS  Keyword
to 123
Amount to be deducted by IN
Rs 3492.58
Rs 2444.54
  Rs 1309.17

Main account validity
One year .Further extension of validity, through same plan voucher
New customers activation Through CtopUP and for migration DPV thro’ CTopUp  and Selfcare(Through SMS subscription)
For Dataplans with and without sale of BSNL data card or any of the BSNL bundled  data card
Base Voice tariff plan
Prepaid Minute plan
  DATA charges after freebies *** 3P/10KB

DATA charges in Rs/MB*** (For APN bsnl stream ) --- 0.25

***Data charges beyond free usage shall be deducted from the available balance in his main account.
Amt payable upfront  @5.5% in Rs
Rest commission payable to
POS only on recharge of DPV

Total commission

payable to channel

partners (Rs)
Rs 1499
Rs 2799
Rs 3999
Rs 4499 (New)

New Year Festive Promotional offer of New SMS STV for Black out Day under prepaid mobile services

  STV (in Rs.)
Details of STV
Rs. 21(+/- Rs. 3) for KRL,KTK,AP & North Zone Circles;
 Rs.22 for TN,CHTD & East Zone Circles;                        
   Rs 24 for West Zone Circles;                                            
 130 SMS (Local/STD) any net on blackout day 
2 days (i.e 31/12/2015 and 01/01/2016) 

Christmas and New Year Festive Promotional offer for a period from 21.12.2015 to 02.01.2016

    Christmas and New Year Festive Promotional offer for a period from 21.12.2015 to 02.01.2016

  • Top-Up Rs.5000/- : Usage value: Rs.6000/-
  • Top-Up Rs.3000/- : Usage Value: Rs.3450/-
  • Top-Up Rs.2000/- : Usage Value: Rs.2300/-
  • Top-Up Rs.890/- : Usage Value: Rs.1000/-
  • Top-Up Rs.390/- : Usage Value: Rs.433/-
  • Top-Up Rs.290/- : Usage Value: Rs.320/-

BSNL Black out days X-mas(25th Dec ) & New Year EVE (31st Dec2015)

No concessional Tariff on voice calls/SMS for Prepaid Mobile will be available on X-mas(25th Dec ) & New Year EVE (31st Dec2015) i.e Black out will be for all VOICE/ROAM/SMS/ISD STVs/ FNF/FF Landline/Plan Freebies etc, this includes STV 135/149 etc. The normal tariff as per plan will be applicable. Hence a customer has to topup for having main account balance for making voice calls /sms on these days

X-mas & New Year Offers

X-mas & New Year Offers 1) Full talk value offer will be available for 10 days from 22nd Dec to 31st Dec 2015 for topup of Rs. 80/- 2) Extra Talk value offers for 13 days from 21.12.2015 to 02.01.2016 as under
Sl No Top Up in Rs Usage Value in Rs
1 5000 6000
2 3000 3450
3 2000 2300
4 890 1000
5 390 433
6 290 320

BSNL Wi Fi Broadband modem rate reduced from Rs 1800/- to Rs 1500/-

BSNL Wi Fi Broadband modem rate reduced from Rs 1800/- to Rs 1500/-  Available in all BSNL Customer Service Centers  Five year free repairing  Broadband Connections can be availed with rental modems also from BSNL  For new connection send SMS BB or LL+BB to 54141 /9400054141 or Call toll free No: 1993

Data charges after freebies in respect of all Plans/STVs/Combo vouchers etc will be 3ps/10KB under prepaid mobile service with effect from 15.12.2015

Data charges after freebies in respect of all Plans/STVs/Combo vouchers etc will be 3ps/10KB under prepaid mobile service with effect from 15.12.2015

Rationalization of Data Tariff Karnataka circle w.e.f. 15-12-2015

Page 1 Regd. & Corporate office: Bharat Sanchar Bhavan, H.C.Mathur Lane, Janpath, New Delhi-110001 Corporate Identity Number (CIN): U74899DL2000G0I107739 BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED Karnataka Telecom Circle Rationalization of Data Tariff under prepaid mobile service in Karnataka circle w.e.f. 15-12-2015 as under, (i) Volume based data charging ie base tariff for data charging in all Plans /STVs/Combo vouchers etc. (base rates in plans and rates after freebies in STVs & combo vouchers) under prepaid GSM mobile services is rationalized as follows: Existing Revised 2P/10 KB 3P/10 KB (ii) Rationalization of Data STV 821,1011 & 1949 as follows: Existing Data STV in Rs. (Inclusive of service Tax) Revised Data STV in Rs. (Inclusive of service Tax) Existing Total bundled free usage Revised Total bundled free usage Existing validity ( in days) Revised validity ( in days) 821 821 7 GB 6 GB 60 60 1011 1099 10 GB 9 GB 30 60 1949 1949 20 GB 21 GB 60 90 (iii) Introduction of New Data STV of Rs. 3099 Data STV in Rs. (Inclusive of service Tax) Details validity ( in days) 3099 15 GB 3G+Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming on-net O/G voice calls+500 minutes free Local/STD/Roaming off-net O/G voice calls 30

Christmas and New Year Eve Extra Talk-time 21.12.2015 to 02.01.2016

S.NoMRP of Top-Up (in Rs. Inclusive of Service Tax)Usage Value in Rs.
 5000 6000 
3 20002300

BSNL Speed Restoration FUP Broadband

It’s not mandatory but customer can use either Upgrade or Decline If Customer has Opted the DECLINE Solution :- Switch OFF the modem ,then Immediately Switch ON the Modem , after ALL LED s Glowing on the ADSL Modem , Then Start the Browsing If Customer has Opted the UPGRADE for Extending browsing with Hogh Speed Solution : Presently BSNL Server not responding Then Switch OFF the modem, then Immediately Switch ON the Modem, after ALL LED s glowing on the ADSL Modem, Type the URL Address https:// for Updating the TOP. 



1. Procedure for change of broadband password:
2. Procedure for change of BSNL email password:
  • In case BSNL email domain is Please login to with email id & default password or old password. After successful login, please follow the steps for change of password provided therein.
  • In case BSNL email domain is Please login to with email id & default password or old password. After successful login, please follow the steps for change of password provided therein.

What you can do inside Selfcare Portal : 
 1. View your Bills
2. View and Redeem Loyalty Points
3. Check your Broadband Unbilled Usage
 4. Update your Profile
5. Track your Orders/Complaints online
6. Change your Broadband Password

BSNL DATA w.e.f 01/12/2015 STV -17 STV-28

Data STV in Rs.(Inclusive service Tax)Total bundled free UsageValidity of freebies (in days)Revised / Promotional Validity of freebies (in days)Data Charges after freebies***Data Charges in Rs./MB*** (For APN bsnlstream)
( 110 MB w.e.f 01/12/2015)
21 (w.e.f 01/12/2015) 2p/10KB0.25
28 (w.e.f 01/12/2015)150 MB3-2p/10KB0.25
39200 MB65 (w.e.f 01/12/2015) 2p/10KB0.25
56 ( 90 days w.e.f 11/11/2015)250MB20 2p/10KB0.25
681 GB32p/10KB0.25
78 ( w.e.f 20/10/2015)1 GB5 2p/10KB0.25
98650 MB14 2p/10KB0.25
109300 MB28 2p/10KB0.25
1551 GB20 2p/10KB0.25
1981.1 GB28 2p/10KB0.25
2512.2 GB282p/10KB0.25
4443 GB60 2p/10KB0.25
5615 GB30 2p/10KB0.25
8217 GB60 2p/10KB0.25
101110 GB30 2p/10KB0.25
194920 GB60 2p/10KB0.25
*** Data charges beyond free usage shall be deducted from the available balance in his main account.
## All DATA STV will work in BSNL network only including Roaming except MTNL. At MTNL charge @2p/1KB


S.No. City WI-FI Hot spot/Access point locations
1 Hyderabad Out Side Security gate, AP Secretariat
2 Hyderabad BSNL IMPCS, Tank Bund
3 Hyderabad People's Plaza
4 Hyderabad Sanjeevayya Park
5 Hyderabad Pavani Avenue
6 Hyderabad CM Camp Office
7 Hyderabad Public Garden Bus Stop (Jawahar Bala Bhavan)
8 Hyderabad Lepakshi Store (Birla Mandir)
9 Hyderabad Charminar (Crime Police Station )
10 Hyderabad Gandhi Hospital
11 Hyderabad Mecca Masjid
12 Hyderabad Birla Planetorium
13 Hyderabad Birla Science Museum
14 Hyderabad NIMS main block
15 Hyderabad Taramati Baradari
16 Hyderabad NIMs Millennium block
17 Hyderabad Plaza Hotel,Begumpet
18 Hyderabad JBS,Secundrabad
19 Hyderabad MGBS Platform 65-68
20 Hyderabad MGBS Platform 13-15
21 Visakapatnam Vuda Park
22 Visakapatnam Kailasagiri
23 Visakapatnam Spencers Beach Road
24 Visakapatnam Rajiv smruthi bhavan Beach Road
25 Visakapatnam YMCA Beach Road
26 Visakapatnam RK Mission Library Beach Road
27 Vijayawada Pandit Nehru APSRTC bus stand in Vijayawada
28 Eluru APSRTC,bus stand ,Eluru
29 Kakinada Hope International Hospital,Kakinada
30 Kurnool APSRTC bus station Kurnool -1
31 Kurnool APSRTC bus station Kurnool -2
32 Ananthapur APSRTC bus stand,Ananthapur
33 Kadapa APSRTC bus stand,Kadapa
34 Tirupathi Sri Hari APSRTC bus station Tirupathi.
35 Tirupathi Srinivasa APSRTC bus station Tirupathi.
36 Tirupathi Edukondala APSRTC bus station Tirupathi.
37 Ananthapur Agri Market Committee,Kalyandurg,Ananthapur
38 Kurnool Agri Market Committee,Yemmiganur,Kurnool
39 Ananthapur Agri Market Committee,Hindupur , Ananthapur
40 Kurnool Agri Market Committee,Kurnool
41 Kurnool Agri Market Committee,Kadapa
42 Visakapatnam Agri Market Committee,Ankapalli,Visakapatnam
43 Eluru Agri Market Committee,Eluru
44 Guntur Agri Market Committee,Duggirala,Guntur.
45 Guntur Agri Market Committee,Guntur
46 Guntur APSRTC bus stand,Guntur
47 Nizamabad TSRTC bus stand,Nizamabad
48 Adilabad TSRTC bus stand,Adilabad
49 Patanchervu TSRTC bus stand,Patanchervu
50 Karimangar TSRTC bus stand,Karimnagar
51 Nalgonda TSRTC bus stand,Nalgonda
52 Rajamundry RTC bus complex Rajamundry
53 Kakinada RTC bus STAND ,KAKINADA
54 Rajamundry Main Railway station area, Rajamundry
55 Rajamundry Airport Madhurapudi, Rajamundry
56 Rajamundry Pushkar Ghat,DVB Raju complex
57 Rajamundry Arts College
58 Rajamundry Gandhi Park
59 Rajamundry Kambala Tank
60 Hanumakonda TSRTC bus stand,Hanumakonda
61 Khammam TSRTC bus stand,Khammam
62 Tirupathi Airport,Tirupati
63 Mahaboobnagar TSRTC bus stand,Mahaboobnagar
64 Vijaywada Airport,Vijayawada
65 Nizamabad Admin Building,Telengana University,Dichpally.
66 Nizamabad Arts college Building,Telengana University,Dichpally.
67 Nizamabad Boys Hostel Building,Telengana University,Dichpally.
68 Nizamabad Computer Science Building,Telengana University,Dichpally.
69 Nizamabad Commerce Building,Telengana University,Dichpally.
70 Ananthapur M/s Masineni Hotels (P) Ltd,Raju Road,Ananthapur

71 Rajamundry ONGC campus,Godavari Bhavan,Rajamundry

Verification process of new mobile connections

All mobile service providers will now be following a new verification process of new mobile connections. The telecom department’s access service cell, which is a competent authority, has ordered all the mobile service providers to follow the alternative process to existing process issued for verification for new mobile connections. The alternative process covers service providers having service authorisation licenses, including CMTS, UAS, and UL (AS). Under the new process, the entry of various fields in customer applications form (CAF) should now be made electronically instead of manual writing. In addition, the photograph of the customer should now be taken at Point of Sale (PoS) itself and the same should be populated in the CAF instead of pasting the photo in the existing process. Further, the scanned imaged of the Proof of identity (PoI) and Proof of Address (PoA) documents furnished by the customers should be embedded in the CAF.
TelecomTalk has reviewed the order letter, titled “Customer application form embedded with photograph and scanned images of Proof of identity (PoI) and Proof of Address (PoA)”. The letter also says that the copies of PoI and PoA documents submitted by customer should also be attached and maintained along with CAF as in the existing process.
“It shall be ensured that the scanned images of PoA and PoI/ photographs captured at PoS should not be stored at PoS terminal to avoid any misuse of the same,” the letter read.

click below for

Future e-KYC verification for Fast SIM Activation click here

flood-hit Chennai all local and STD voice calls on BSNL network will be free No charges on BSNL bills

State-run telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) is offering free of cost services to its landline and broadband Chennai customers for a period of seven days. For landline and broadband customers, voice calls will be free on BSNLto-BSNL network or for calling on some other telcos’ network. The customers can also avail 100MB free data with effect from December 3, for a period of seven days. While, all local and STD voice calls on BSNL network will be free of cost with effect from December 2 for its pre-paid customers. The company is also providing free SMS (ONNET) service for seven days. Besides, 100 MB of free data package will be offered from the morning of December 3 for a period of seven days for prepaid customers.
For post-paid customers, there will be a rental rebate of seven days and extension of billing cycle by 15 days. Talking about network congestion, Prasad said that a number of towers are working, however, BSNL employees are on their job wherever there is a problem.


  Particulars   Details 
Plan Voucher                  Rs. 118^ (inclusive of S. Tax) 
Main Account ValidityOne year
Free Data Usage1 GB (to be consumed within 30 days from the date of activation)
Special Tariff
Call rate in Home LSA for first 60 days
  • On-net @10 paisa/min
  • Off-net @30 paisa/min
  • National/Local SMS @15paisa/SMS
Special BenefitFree bundled Top-Up of Rs. 10 with Full Talk Value
ApplicabilityAll new connections and MNP
All other tariff and terms & conditions
(Base Voice Tariff Plans)
As per Prepaid 'Per Minute Plan'
Student Special Plan on promotional basis under prepaid mobile services w.e.f 20.06.16 for a period of 90 days 
Period of scheme: - 22.02.2016 to 19.08.2016 
Prepaid CUG-148 plan for Students of Schools & Colleges of Maharashtra& Goa State.
1) The above Plan shall be offered through ALL BSNL outlets / POS (Franchisee/DSA/RDs/retailers/CSCs).
2) If the user failed to recharge the minimum recharge coupon applicable to this plan, he will be treated as General
/prepaid customer without CUG facility.
3) While providing connections, Student’s/Employee’s Identity card issued by Schools /colleges/Educational Institutions should
be obtained in addition to CAF and other supportive documents as per TRAI/BSNL guidelines.
4) Connections should not be provided to general public under this plan.
5) This offer is valid for 90 days from the date of launching to this plan.
6) Submission of CAF with all other supportive documents under this scheme, and their
Genuineness / verification as per the guidelines issued by BSNL Corporate office for the same
7) Existing BSNL connections may be allowed to convert into this plan as per BSNL procedure.
8) MNP may be allowed as per BSNL procedure.
9) This Plan is valid for 1 year; BSNL may revise this plan after 1 year as per the trend of retail
S N Particulars New Student CUG – 148 Plan
1 SIM Card Charges NIL
2 Minimum Monthly Recharge Coupon (Rs.) 148
(i) Monthly free calls ( On Net or Off Net/Both)
worth Rs.
Rs. 21/-
(ii) Monthly free Data Usage in Home LSA 1GB
(iii) Free Number of SMS (Local/National) / Month 50 Nos.
3. Call Charges
(i) Pulse rate for Local & STD and National
Roaming Call
60 Sec.
(ii) Within CUG Free
(iii) Local Calls ( On Net) Rs.0.30 /Min
(iv) Local Call ( Off Net) Rs. 0.50/Min
(v) STD Calls ( on Net & Off Net) Rs. 0.50/Min.
(vi) ISD Calls Not Allowed
(vii) Outgoing Call Charges while Roaming
Rs. 0.50/Min
4. Data Usage Charge after free usage 2 Paisa /10 kb
5. SMS Charges in Rs./SMS
( max. 160 character)
(i) Local Rs, 0.1/SMS
(ii) National Rs.0.2/SMS
(iii) International Rs. 5.00/SMS
6. While on Roaming Incoming/Outgoing SMS
(i) Incoming SMS from any network Free
(ii) Outgoing SMS to any other Network Rs.0.25/SMS
7. Local CUG/VPN Charge NIL
8. Group Size Open
9. All Other Tariff As per BSNL Prepaid
Per Minute Plan

RCs Rs.814 & RC Rs.1628/- FOR STUDENT CUG 148 PLAN


bsnl student plan 148
bsnl 148 student plan
bsnl students plan 148
bsnl student cug plan
bsnl student plan 2015
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bsnl 148 plan
bsnl student plan maharashtra 148
bsnl student plan validity extension

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