Silly Points

When Invented Baran put 6 digit pin for ATM, but when his wife said she will not be able to remember 6 digits he reduced ATM pin digits to 4

Just because of working in Microsoft 12 people earned crore rupees no other company made this

Now in Kerala there is no demand for the people who can plug Coconuts from Tress because now monkey are plugging coconuts from 500 trees in a day where as earlier people used to plug from 50 trees per day

Hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world and its heat beats 1269 per sec

Michel Jackson is Famous for Moonwalk step but Cob Calovo is the first person who presented this step in 1930

More number of people from Russia died in Second World War

Submarines in water can recognise small sounds also like any animal food eating sound from 300 feet's

Pepsi released Pepsi special in Japan and Japan Government has recognised it as 'Healthy drink to reduce weight'

Diamond will become gas at 1405 Degrees Fahrenheit

Bamboo (Veduru) tree grows 2 inches per hour

In one cup Soup 840 Milli grams Sodium (salt) will be there and in One Bread Slice 230 Milli grams Salt will be there

American President White House Value is 1500 Crore Rupees Approximately

Each Cloud in sky weight will be 5 Lakhs Kilo grams

Every year Moon is moving approximately 1.5 inches away from earth

Norway Police used only one bullet officially in 2011

Daily Street Cats are eating 100 crore rats,hen

McDonald's is producing 150 crore toys per year


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