Family Broadband Plan 'BBG Combo ULD 1199 Family' bundled with three mobile connections

S No.ParticularsBBG Combo ULD 1199 Family 
Bandwidth (Download Speed) subject to technical feasibility  Upto 10 Mbps till 30 GB, Upto 2 Mbps beyond
ApplicabilityAll users 
Monthly Charges (Rs)Rs. 1199/- 
Annual Payment Option (Rs) [11 x FMC] (Rs.)13189/- 
5Two Years Payment Option (Rs) [21 X FMC]25179/-
Three Years Payment Option (Rs) [30 x FMC]35970/-
Download/Upload Limit (MB/GB) per monthUnlimited
Additional Usage Charges/MB beyond free download/ upload limit (Rs.)NA                
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID)1/1 GB
10 Static IP Address (On Request)One @ Rs.2000/- p.a. additional 
11 Security Deposit**One Month Charges 
12 Minimum Hire PeriodOne Month
13 Telephone fixed monthly charges in Rs Nil 
 14 Free Calls and Additional facility on LL a) 24 Hrs. unlimited free calling(Local+STD) on any network Within India.
b) Prevailing VAS services (i.e. Music, Games & Movies) Free of cost under BB plan. 
 15 MCU charges/pulse in Rs.  (To BSNL N/W after free calls) 
 (To other N/W) 
 16 Additional Facility on Bundled Mobile Connections  On all three mobile SIMs a) Unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network (Onnet/Offnet) within India in Home LSA and BSNL National roaming area (excluding Mumbai and Delhi)
b) Unlimted data with speed reduced to 40 kbps after 1 GB/day
c) Free PRBT (Personalized Ringback Tone) 
 On one of the mobile SIM out of three a) Free online TV
b) One month free subscription of online Education to any one Subject for the Students upto Class-XII. 

Following TV bundled STVs withdrawn w.e.f.12-04-2018

Following TV bundled STVs working under prepaid mobile services in Karnataka Circle have been withdrawn w.e.f.12-04-2018 MRP in Rs. (Inclusive of GST) Freebies Validity ( in Calendar days) 223 1 GB Data Usage + Mobile TV (80Channels ) 28 393 Applicable as per "STV 333" 45

Introduction of New DATA STV248 (IPL Pack) – w.e.f 07.04.2018

 Introduction of New DATA STV248 (IPL Pack) – w.e.f 07.04.2018 under GSM Prepaid Mobile Services It is hereby conveyed that DATA STV248 (IPL Pack) is launched in CHTD (including TN Circle) from 07.04.2018 to 30.04.2018 under GSM prepaid mobile services, with the feature and terms as mentioned below:- NEW DATA STV248 IPL PACK from 07.04.2018 to 30.04.2018: Name of the STV MRP OF STV incl of GST (In Rs.) Freebies Validity in Calendar Days # Self-care Key Word Amt to be Deducted at IN-SZ (in Rs.) STV DATA248 (IPL Pack) 248 U/L data with speed reduced to 80 kbps after 3GB/day. 51 Days STV DATA248 248.00 # The Validity of STV will end at 23:59 hrs of last day irrespective of time of re-charging on 1st day i.e., Calendar Day validity.  This DATA STV248 (IPL Pack) offer will be available from 07.04.2018 to 30.04.2018.  The Activation of the STV can be done through C-Top-Up, Web Portal and Self-Care.
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