BSNL Plans Saral Anant, Per Second, Per Minute, General, Roam Free, Pyari Jodi, Student, Jawan Plans, Benifits, Migration Procedure, Vouchers

Life Time
(to be withdrawn w.e.f. 01.08.2014)

Per Second
(to be withdrawn w.e.f. 01.08.2014)
Per Minute
(to be withdrawn w.e.f. 01.08.2014)
New General Plan
(to be withdrawn w.e.f. 01.08.2014)
Pyari Jodi
(to be withdrawn w.e.f. 01.08.2014)
Student Special
(to be withdrawn w.e.f. 01.08.2014)
Jay Jawan
click here for Per Minute Per Second Pyari Jodi new tariff under prepaid mobile services w.e.f 01.08.2014

A. Start up Kit (SUK):
SIM & Activation:32K/64K SIM128K SIM256K SIM32K/64K Micro SIM128K Micro SIM(without Processor)64K Nano SIM
a). SIM Price in Rs.17.8052.51178.0052.5152.5152.51
b). Service Tax in Rs.2.206.4922.006.496.496.49
c). MRP of Starter Pack in Rs.20.0059.00200.0059.0059.0059.00
d). Validity in days
e). Bonus Period
15 Days
Note: The MRP of SIM mentioned above for J&K Circle will be exclusive of Service Tax.
Price of paired and unpaired SIMs:-32K/64K SIM128K SIM256K SIM32K/64K Micro SIM128K Micro SIM64K Nano SIM
i) Paired SIM - (For New Connection)2059200595959
ii) Unpaired CYMN2059200595959
iii) Unpaired MNP2059200595959
iv) Unpaired Replacement2059200595959
Note: In case of J&K SIM Price is exclusive of Service Tax.
SIM replacement in Rs.
Replacement of defective SIM (BSNL fault)    : 0.00
B-I. Plan Voucher
( For North East, J & K & Assam LSA
Click here >> )
Life TimePer Second PlanPer Minute PlanNew
Pyari JodiStudent SpecialJai JawanRTP
MRP of Plan Voucher in Rs.36423710375979945199
For Existing customers of Old General Plan (MRP of Plan voucher Rs 175/-)   Click here>>
Free Usage Allowed with Plan Voucher^ 
Free Voice Call (Pulse)In MinutesIn SecondsIn MinutesIn MinutesIn SecondsIn MinutesIn SecondsIn SecondsIn Seconds
i) On-net16100018Nil2000402700NA2000
ii) Off-net ##(1)85009Nil2000402700NA2000
Free Video Call
>Free Data Usage in MBNILNILNILNilNIL4510NANA
Free P2P SMS in Nos
Initial Plan Validity in daysLifetime*1809018030180180
Extension of Plan Validity
Life time *                               Through Plan Voucher **
Migration to Other PlanThrough Plan Voucher
Special BenefitFor New General Plan of Plan Voucher Rs 103/- Free bundled Top-Up of Rs 100/- with full talk value 
Bonus Period
Bonus Period-I15 Days
Bonus Period-I I165 Days
MRC (Minimum Recharge Condition)Rs.200 in every Six MonthsN/A
B-II. Plan Details:Life TimePer Second PlanPer Minute PlanNew
Pyari JodiStudent SpecialJai JawanRTPRTP-FR
Applicability2G & 3G
(i) Voice Call ChargesRs./MinRs./SecRs./MinRs./MinRs./SecRs./MinRs./SecRs./SecRs./Sec
Pulse rate (Seconds)60 Sec1 Sec60 Sec60160111
Local Mobile^^ On-net0.900.0120.600.600.0120.500.012.015.015
Local Mobile^^ Off-net1.000.0150.700.700.0150.700.015.015.015
Local Fixed^^ On-net0.900.0120.600.600.0120.500.012.015.015
Local Fixed^^ Off-net1.000.0150.700.900.0180.90
Reduced call charges on 2 BSNL numbers (Rs./Min)0.700.500.500.400.40 NA0.40NANA
STD Mobile On-net1.200.0120.600.600.0120.500.012.015.015
STD Mobile Off-net1.500.0150.700.700.0150.800.015.015.015
STD Fixed On-net1.200.0120.600.600.0120.500.012.015.015
STD Fixed Off-net1.500.0150.700.900.0180.900.018.015.015
Reduced call charges on 1 BSNL number (Rs./Min)NANANANANANANANANA
ISD CallISD Calls Tariff (Same as for Landline ISD Call Tariff ) 

1.ISD Calls Tariff (Same as For Landline Tariff except INMARSAT Calls)*Click here>>>>
2.ISD Calls Tariff for INMARSAT CallsClick here>>>>
Plan Details:Life TimePer Second PlanPer Minute PlanNew
Pyari JodiStudent SpecialJai JawanRTPRTP-FR
(ii) Video Call Charges
Pulse rate (Seconds)60 Sec1 Sec60 Sec6060606011
Local On-net2.
Local Off-net2.
STD On-net2.
STD Off-net2.
(iii) SMS
Local On-net0.800.800.800.600.600.050.601.001.00
Local Off-net0.800.800.800.700.700.150.701.001.00
National  On-net1.
National Off-net1.
Delivery ReportNilNilNilNilNilNilNilNilNil
Missed Call Alert***FreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
National Roaming ( Charges in Roaming in other Network)
(a) Voice CallRs./MinRs./MinRs./MinRs./MinRs./MinRs./MinRs./MinRs./SecRs./Sec
Pulse rate (Seconds)60 Sec60 Sec60 Sec6060606011
Local On-Net1.
Local Off-Net1.
STD On-Net1.501.501.501.501.501.501.50.015.015
STD Off-Net1.501.501.501.501.501.501.50.015.015
Incoming Call0.750.750.750.750.750.750.75.0120.00
(b) SMS
Local SMS ##(3)11110.850.600.751.001.00
National SMS ##(3)1.501.501.501.500.900.700.781.501.50
International SMS5.
Incoming SMSNilNilNilNilNilNilNilNilNil
Non- P2P SMS (From Home LSA/While Roaming )
Premium Non- P2P SMSAs determined by Content Provider
Voice SMS TariffClick here>>>>
(c) Video Call
Pulse rate (Seconds)60 Sec1 Sec60 Sec60160111
Local On-net2.
Local Off-net2.
STD On-net2.
STD Off-net2.
Incoming Call1.
Video Call On Short CodesRs.2/Min
(v) GPRS Service
All Prepaid Plans
Activation Charges0.00
Monthly Subscription0.00
Volume based usage charges per 10 KB in Rs.(Home Location)0.02
Usage charges per 10 KB in Rs.(while Roaming)0.02
(vi) MMS Service
Life TimeAll Prepaid Plans Except Life Time
Local/National  P2P (Rate per MMS in Rs.) (Home LSA/while Roaming)5.003.00
International  (Rate per MMS in Rs.) (Home LSA/while Roaming)8.008.00
M2P (Downloader to pay) (Home LSA/while Roaming)As determined by the content provider
(vii) Miscellaneous
All Prepaid Plans
Voice mail facilityRecordingFree
RetrievalO/G Charges
Call waiting / Call holdFree
Call forwarding (Only within same LSA) in Rs.Normal call charges
(viii) CUG Tariff under 2G/3G Prepaid Mobile Services:
Group SizeLocal CUGZonal/National CUG
Note: Calls within the CUG free.
Each change in Number per occasion (Rs./Number) Rs. 5.00
* Subject to Minimum Recharge Condition Rs.200 over a period of six months, however the Minimum Recharge Condition (MRC) of Rs.100 (Excl of S. Tax) every 90 days will be applicable to Saral Anant plan in for Assam, J&K and North East LSAs. This is subject to guidelines issued by Licensing/Regulatory Authority from time to time. The existing "Saral Anant" customers may continue in "Saral Anant" plan.
**The incoming call charges in MTNL roaming area for the revised Prepaid Plan of "RTP" is 0.75 and "0" for roaming in BSNL Network.
*** The tariff for "Missed Call Alert" is Rs. 30/month applicable in North Zone Circles.
^ To be consumed within 30 days from the date of activation ** The extension of validity of all plans (except Life time Plan) is made by using respective plan vouchers only
# Free while roaming in BSNL network in other case Rs 1 /Min for voice call & Rs 0.05/Sec for video call will be charged.
## For North Zone & East Zone Circles w.r.t General Plan ,Pyari Jodi ,Student Special ,Jai Jawan & Roam free Plan
1) 'Free voice call Off net' shall be read as 'Free Voice call Any-Net
2)'Local' shall be read as 'Local SMS Any net' and national SMS shall be taken as NIL
3)'Local SMS' shall be read as 'On-net SMS' & 'National SMS' shall be read as 'Off-net SMS '

^^Mobile =GSM & WLL-M  , Fixed = Landline & WLL- F

Special Features:
1. Under Pyari Jodi Plan-Local voice call to one BSNL Fixed / WLL (Fixed/Limited Mobility) number in his/her own name free up to thirty minutes per day. The call charge beyond thirty minutes will be normal call charges .
2. Under Student Special Plan-Reduced call charges to five friends & family local numbers while in Home LSA: Three On-net Numbers @ 15p/Min and Two Off-net Numbers @ 35p/Min.
3. Under Jai Jawan Plan- Twenty minutes per day free voice call to two BSNL Mobile/Fixed/WLL numbers (combined) any where in the country while in Home LSA or National Roaming.
Balance Based Tariff:
Voice Call Charges from Home NetworkAccount Balance More than Rs. 1000Account Balance More than Rs. 2500Account Balance More than Rs. 5000
Local On-netRs.0.40/MinRs.0.30/MinRs.0.20/Min
Local Off-netRs.0.50/MinRs.0.45/MinRs.0.40/Min
STD On-net Rs.0.55/MinRs.0.50/MinRs.0.45/Min
STD Off-netRs.0.55/MinRs.0.50/MinRs.0.45/Min
1. The BBT facility is applicable to Saral Anant, Per Minute plan and  General  plan customers.
2. The BBT facility is not to be applicable to Per sec plan, Pyari Jodi, Student Special, Jai Jawan , Roam Free plan,RTP Plan ,RTP-FR Plan customers.
Usage Based Bonus (UBB):
A - i) Actual usage during a month (30 days) is Rs. 500 or More will get a Bonus of Rs 100.
ii) The bonus will be automatically credited to customers account followed by SMS to this effect . •  This scheme is applicable to all prepaid plan holders.
B )   i) Actual usage during the last six months is Rs 2000 or more will get a bonus of 10% of his actual usage 
ii) The period of Six months will start from the date of implementation of the plan in the Circle
iii) The bonus will be automatically credited to customers account followed by SMS to this effect.
NOTE: A customer will be offered either of the UBB scheme as mentioned above
 Processing Fee on Top-up Vouchers/C-top-up/Flexi top-up :
A nominal fee , not exceeding Ten percent of maximum retail price of Top up voucher or three rupees , which ever is less, will be levied.
C. Top up Vouchers
Recharge/Top-up with voucher denomination in the range (with MRP in Rs.) (Incl. of S. Tax)Usage Value allowed with Recharge/Top-up
5500-MRP of card/voucher-Service Tax-Processing fee+ Bonus usage value if any
1. Negative balance upto Rs. 10/- will be allowed after exhaustion of usage value, and will be adjusted from the subsequent recharge/topup.
2. Student Special Plan subscribers can get usage value through above stated Recharge/Top-Up Vouchers.

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