BSNL Excel CellOne

BSNL offers two categories of connections : 
a.  Prepaid Connection :
As the name implies, you pay in advance for this type of connection. Just buy a  SIM card and start talking. You get FREE talk value of Rs.50 which is valid for 7 days. You are to dial 123 and listen Interactive Voice Response (IVRS) promt and then select language to activate your SIM. You can budget your phone expenditure and no phone bill will be waiting for you.
To recharge Excel coupon you have to dial a number 123. You will be greeted with an Interactive Voice Response (IVRS), then

i)  Press 2 and listen to the IVRS announcement. Press the 16 digit secret code available in the recharge coupon followed by #. Wait for IVRS prompt and confirm secrect code by pressing #. Wait for a few seconds. The system will prompt you the balance amount and date of expiry. This is an one time activity after buying a  recharge coupon.
ii) Dial 3 for assistance of toll free Helpline.
iii) You can dial 123, listen to announcement and Press 1 for checking your balance amount any time.Dial *123# to get balance information on your handset screen .
If your balance expires, just buy another  and recharge.Please be careful about Expiry Period,Grace Period and Additional Grace Period
 Expiry Date:

It is the expiry date of a  coupon. It is counted from the date of recharge.You can not make call with a coupon when it crosses the expiry date though you might have some balance in the coupon.

 Grace period :

You can not make call with balance amount once the coupon crosses its expiry date, but if you recharge with a new coupon within a specific period (grace period) from the expiry date of the previous coupon, the balance amount of your previous coupon will be added with your new coupon.

 Additional Grace Period :
After expiry of Grace Period the existing balance amount will lapse but the mobile connection will not be deactivated. Additional grace period is provided, so that mobile connection be revived by recharging with a  of any denomination. You need not pay any activation charge of Rs. 200. the connection will be permanently closed, if not recharged within Additional Grace Period.
Available denominations of Excel are Rs 300, Rs 500, Rs 1000 and Rs 2000.
Please see our Tariff card for details.
b . Post-paid connection :

 connection is the mobile phone connection in which you will be issued monthly bills based on your usage. There are a number of Attractive Tariff Plans for cellone  connection. If you are a frequent caller,  is your chioce of connection. Please see our Tariff card for details. 


  1. Debdulal sarkar12 March 2013 at 17:34

    My cellon number 9433154289 validity was over on 16.01.13. But i have made recharged with Rs 34/- and top up with Rs 110. Unfortunately, validity has not extended but top up amount debited and i not getting benefits out it. I have tried lodged complaint for several days but could not connect Phone Helpline which is perpetual jammed. Or They may not be serious. Please help. What to do to revive my Cellone number.

  2. customer care people toled that recharge with 220
    you will ger 180 days validity
    and 190 as balance please try this

  3. Please stop BSNL TUNE on 8986052664

  4. Please Stop BSNL TONE Facielity 8986052664 therefore I am very Anoied to this .I Can Mobilel Portility BSNL to other companey. I am very Tensilige to this, Please STOP THIS BSNL TONE Facielity

  5. for Deactivation – Dial 56700

    then dial 1 for english
    then dial 0 to manage your BSNL Tunes i.e to remove or etc

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