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BSNL Promotional Offer for WiFi+ service under WiFi international Roaming service for a period of 90 days wef 21.12.2017

Promotional Offer for WiFi+ service under WiFi international Roaming service for a period of 90 days wef 21.12.2017 
  Existing pack of WiFi+ service (INR)   Promotional Pack of WiFi+ service (INR)
999 777 (7 days) 
1599  1199 (15 days)
1999  1499 (30 days)

BSNL Wi-Fi Hotspots Tariff

Wi-Fi Hotspots Tariff

Plan Name.Price
(Inclusive of Service tax)
Data VolumeValidity.
BSNL WiFi 10Rs. 10300 MB1 Day
BSNL WiFi 20Rs. 20500 MB3Day
BSNL WiFi 30Rs. 30750 MB14 Day
BSNL WiFi 40Rs. 401 GB14 Day
BSNL WiFi 60Rs. 602 GB7 Day
BSNL WiFi 75Rs. 752 GB14 Day
BSNL WiFi 80Rs. 801.5 GB30 Day
BSNL WiFi 100Rs. 1002 GB30 Day
BSNL WiFi 180Rs. 1804 GB15 Day
BSNL WiFi 240Rs. 2406 GB30 Day
BSNL WiFi 349Rs. 34912 GB30 Day
BSNL WiFi 599Rs. 59924 GB30 Day
BSNL WiFi 999Rs. 99960 GB30 Day
BSNL WiFi 1999Rs. 1999150 GB30 Day

BSNL 4G PLUS Wi-Fi - Working Procedure

BSNL 4G PLUS Wi-Fi - Working Procedure

BSNL is offering 4G plus services with Internet speed up to 20 Mbps through WiFi hotspots. There are three options to connect WiFi. We will get three types of WiFi signals (SSID) under hotspot.
  • BSNL 4G plus.
  • BSNL Broad Fi.
  • BSNL WiFi.
** Download BSNL 4G Plus and BSNL Wi-Fi app from Google Play Store without delay **
BSNL 4G plus:
This SSID is for Existing BSNL Mobile Data Customer. Settings can be done through WiFi setting of handset. Data counted from Mobile Data pack. Click here for Procedure 
BSNL Broad Fi: 
This SSID is for Existing Broad Band Customer. They can login with Broadband username and password. This can be done through App available at Google Play Store or from WiFi settings of handset directly. Data counted from Broadband account. Click here for Procedure 
This SSID is for non BSNL customers. First 100 MB is free. After that customer needs WiFi physical voucher or can recharge online. Click here for Procedure 

BSNL International WIFI roaming service

  • The International WIFI roaming service is supported on Andriod and IOS platforms using MyBSNLApp only
  • Please check the availablity of WIFI service in the country you wish to avail the service. 
  • The purchased package(s) should be activated within 30 days from the date of purchase using MYBSNLAPP in the mobile device you carry abroad.
  • Service need to be activated through My BSNL APP before departure.
  • The validity of the purchased package will start from the date of activation
  • The package once purchased will not be refunded

FAQ for Intl WIFI Service
From where I can buy Intl WIFI service?
International WIFI service can be bought through Online BSNL Portal or My BSNL App.
What is the period allowed for activating the service?
The purchased package(s) should be activated within 30 days from the date of purchase using
MYBSNLAPP in the mobile device you carry abroad.
How to activate Intl WIFI on Mobile?
International WIFI service can be activated only through My BSNL App. It should be activated on the
device on which you wish to avail the service.
When should I activate Intl WIFI service on Mobile?
The Service need to be activated through My BSNL APP before departure.
How much day’s validity I will get?
The validity will depend upon the plan you will purchase.
How BSNL calculates the validity of my purchased package?
The validity of the purchased package will start from the date of activation of your plan from My
What can Intl WIFI service do?
Intl WIFI service provides unlimited data over partner Wi-Fi hotspots that can be used for unlimited
internet access whiling roaming internationally.
What is the price of Wi-Fi+?
Multiple pricing options are available based on:

What platforms does Intl WIFI service support?
The Intl WIFI supports Android and iOS running on any smart device.
Does Intl WIFI work in-flight? What features are accessible?
No, currently in-flight facility is not available.
What speed over Wi-Fi will users get?
Speeds vary from one hotspot to another. The algorithm will always connects to the best available
Wi-Fi network.
Can I integrate Intl WIFI into my existing application?
Yes. In addition to our white label solution, we will have an API and SDK to help you integrate Intl
WIFI into your application.
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What is required to be done for availing the service in mobile?
Once you enter the WIFI hotspot service area your mobile will automatically connects to the WIFI
Having trouble connecting to a Intl WiFi Hotspot.
Make sure your Wi-Fi is on, and then make sure that the signal strength, shown in bars, is high.
Depending on your device, you can either see the signal strength in your Wi-Fi settings. If signal
strength is low, try changing your location.

BSNl Kerala WiFi Hotspot locations commissioned as on 17/09/2016

BSNl Kerala WiFi Hotspot locations commissioned as on 17/09/2016 

CTO Alleppey
Mavelikkara CTO
Collectorate Alleppey
Nehru Trophy Boat reace finishing point
Corporation Office
Beach Road 1
Civil Station /Collectorate
Manachira Ground
Govt Medical College Calicut
West Hill Engg College
SM Street
PG Hostel- Boys Govt Medical College
Super Speciality Bldg, Govt Medical
Dental College Girls hostel
Girls Hostel, Govt Medical College
Moffusil Bus stand
Beach Road 2
Nellikode BTS site
Nallalam BTS site
Marine Drive
Fort Kochi
High Court
Subhash Park
Corporation Office
dapally Junction
Durbar Hall
Dist Court Complex
Bank Junction Aluva
Training college , Federal Bank Aluva
Aluva Municipal Park
Siberia Sarovar, Men"s Hostel CUSAT
Sanathana Men"s Hostel,
CUSAT Savana Teacher's Hostel CUSAT
Ladies Hostel CUSAT
Aluva CSC
BSNL Bhavan
UC College Aluva
Sreedhariyam Koothattukulam
KSRTC Stand (SRM Road)
Medical Centre Hospital ENK
Lake shore Hospital ENK
Lissy hosp[ital
Matha Amrithananda mayi Brahma
Sthanam Ernakulam
Tirunakkara CSC
Aligarh Muslim University Centre-1
Aligarh Muslim University Centre -2
Edavanna Grama Panchayath
Calicut Air port
IIT Palakkad (Hostel area)
RP-02317-Ottappalam TE
RP-03157-Pattambi Town
CTO Palakkad
Tiruvalla Municipality Office
KSRTC Tiruvalla
Taluk Head Quarter Office Tiruvalla
Kollam -RP site-BSNLL BHAVAN-
Kollam -Rp site-TE -Paravur
Kollam-RP site-CSC Bldg.District Hospital
Kollam-RP site-Kottiyam (TE Building)
Kollam-RP site-Aandamukkam BTS site
Kollam-RP site-Stadium BTS site (Kollam
Railway Station)
Guruvayur Municipal Office
Ambadi Tourist Home
Trichur Corporation
Trichur Vadakke Bus stand
Trichur Sakthan Bus stand
Trivandrum-RP site-Vikasbhavan
Trivandrum-RP site-public office
Trivandrum-RP site-Pattom BTS
Trivandrum-RP site-Eastfort
Trivandrum-RP site-Style plus
Trivandrum-RP site-Attingal Xge
Trivandrum-RP site- Rajiv Gandhi Institute
Trivandrum-RP site- Nedumangad-
revenue tower
CTO Building Statue Trivandrum
Sreekanteswaram Health Circle Office
Vattiyoorkavu Zonal Office Trivandrum
Kazhakkottam Zonal Office
Trivandrum Municipal Corporation
Attipra Zonal Office, Kulathoor Junction
Health Circle Office Palayam Trivandrum
Health Circle Office Nanthancode
Health Circle Office
Health Circle Office
Uttarayanam Rest House, Near
Medical College TVM
Vizhinjam Zonal Office
Nemom Zonal Office
Health Circle Office Secretariat, Near SMV

BSNL Wi-Fi service available at Varanasi Ghats, Har ki Paudi in Haridwar, Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Pushkar Ghat mandir, Hussian Sagar Lake Hyderabad, Jagantah Temple Puri, Katra Jammu.

Wi-Fi Service

Overview :
Wi-Fi is high speed wireless Broadband access technology being deployed by BSNL. Wi-Fi technology enables Citizens to access very affordable high speed Broadband services anywhere & anytime, while on the move thus enabling them to become Netizens. 

The Wi-Fi hotspots are planned to be setup to spread high speed internet access through Wi-Fi connectivity across Public places, Tourist Places, Heritage sites of India, Airports, Parks, University campuses, Schools, Colleges etc for bringing Internet connectivity for one and all. BSNL in partnership has built a world class public Wi-Fi infrastructure for provision of Wi-Fi services 

BSNL is in process of setting up Wi-Fi Hotspots in various cities (except in Delhi & Mumbai) depending on technical feasibility & commercial viability. Till 31.03.2016 BSNL has provided Wi-Fi services at over 600 locations with more than 2000 Hotspots in more than 114 cities. Some location having BSNL Wi-Fi service are Varanasi Ghats, Har ki Paudi in Haridwar, Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Pushkar Ghat mandir, Hussian Sagar Lake Hyderabad, Jagantah Temple Puri, Katra Jammu. 

BSNL has also provided Wi-Fi Hotspot service at following ASI monuments:

SI No. Monument
1Taj Mahal, Agra 
2Sarnath Temple, Varanasi
3Sun Temple Konark
4Group of Monuments, Hampi
5Khajuraho Group of Monuments 
6Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram 
7Fathepur Sikri, Agra
8Charminar, Hyderabad
9Sanchi Stupa Mandir area, Raisen
10Brihadeeswarar Temple, Thanjaur

BSNL Launches WiFi Services in Chennai

BSNL Launches WiFi Services in Chennai
Chennai has more Public WiFi zones - Chennai has more Public WiFi zones -from BSNL from BSNL from BSNL now!

Wi-Fi hotspots have started working for ChTD in the following locations from 2 March 2016 onwards:
1. Flower Bazar Exch covering Broadway bus depot.
2. KKN Nagr Exch covering RTO and taluk office.
3. Vandalur Exch Covering Aringnar Anna Zoo.
4. Mylapore Exch Covering Nageswara Rao park.
Many more locations coming up on weekly basis !!
Free trial duration: 15 minutes in a month per mobile number.
Citizens & public are requested to visit the WiFi zones, with their smartphones / tablets / laptops.
They are requested to login (free or paid), do a speed-test, and provide feedback as follows: on
email to with the subject line: WiFi at <site-name>:
Download speed:
Upload speed:
Speed test URL: (such as )
WiFi site name:
User location (as precisely as possible):
Visit Date: Visit Time:
Name: Company & Designation:
Office Address:
Contact Mobile Number:
Mobile Number used for login access credentials (via OTP):
Early feedback will be appreciated.
M/s Quadgen Wireless Solutions are our WiFi HotSpot Service Provider (WHSSP) for BSNL in South India.
Customer Service Number:1800.425.5300
Will be triggered by just trying to connect to the “QFI” in the list of wireless networks available.
Our Service Plans (in Rs.)
• 30 Minutes
Buy Online
• 60 Minutes
Buy Online
• 120 Minutes
Buy Online
• 24 Hours
Buy Online
How To Connect
Steps to access Internet at a Qfi Hotspot
• You need to be at one of our Qfi Hotspot Locations
• You need to have a WiFi supported device – Laptop/Mobile Phone/Tablet
• Verify WiFi is enabled on the device.
• Connect to “QFI-BSNL” SSID from the available Wireless Networks.
• Once you open any web browser and try to access any website (ex:, you will be
redirected to the Qfi Login page.
• There are 3 options available for WiFi access namely Free Login, Voucher Login and Paid Login.
Free Login
Provide the below required information on the Free Login form
• Select Country Name
• Mobile Number
• Personal Details ( Name, Email address )

Paid Login
• Once the registration is completed, a One-Time Password (OTP) is sent by SMS to the mobile number that
was provided.
• You will enter the OTP on the login page.

• Upon validation of the OTP, you will be able to access the Internet

wi-fi hotspot zone created by BSNL at Historical monument Taj Mahal at Agra on 16th June 2015

Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Hon’ble MOC & IT, Govt of India inaugurated wi-fi hotspot zone created by BSNL at Historical monument Taj Mahal at Agra on 16th June 2015. Shri Ram Shankar Katheria, Hon. MOC (MHRD) graced the occasion as special guest. Shri Anupam Shrivastava CMD BSNL, Shri N.K. Gupta Director BSNL, Shri Pradeep Kumar CGM (UP-W) and other senior officers of BSNL were also present to grace the occasion. 
The facility has been created by BSNL with the optical fibre backbone using GPON technology which can provide backhaul broadband bandwidth upto 100 Mbps through BSNL’s state of art MPLS network. BSNL would be providing free Wi-Fi services, for 30 minutes per 24 hrs (three time in a month) which visitors can utilize in multiple sessions. After free usage limit of 30 minutes is exhausted, a customer can continue using the service on paid basis for which subscription plans are available in the denomination of Rs. 20/-, Rs. 30/-, Rs. 50/- and Rs. 70/- for validity of 30 min, 60 min, 120 min and one day respectively. 
BSNL has also planned to expand the coverage of the wi-fi facility to other tourist & religious locations like Khajuraho, Jagannath puri etc by March 2016. 
Minister of Communications & IT Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad informed that BSNL has plans to invest more than 1200 crores in UP(W) Circle during 2015-16. Out of this approx. Rs. 200 crores will be invested in upgrading and expanding mobile network. A total of 795 number of new 2G BTSs sites are being commissioned in all Secondary Switching Areas (SSAs) of UP(W) Circle to increase the coverage of BSNL mobile services. BSNL is expanding its 3G network in all SSAs by installing a total of 596 new 3G BTSs. This expansion will help in providing improved 3G services to existing BSNL subscribers as well as in 152 new cities/towns. Approx Rs. 982 crores will be invested in National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) under Phase-I covering 14,474 village panchayats spread over 227 blocks covering more than 30,000 villages of UP(W) Circle. 
Hon. Minister further added that BSNL is replacing 30 years old switching technology with latest Next Generation Network (NGN) technology. In initial phase more than 50,000 such telephone lines are allotted to UP(W) Circle covering Meerut, Ghaziabad and Noida areas. 

BSNL Prepaid WiFi plans for WiFi Services for Retail Customers w.e.f 17.04.2015

Prepaid Broadband WiFi Services
Prepaid WiFi plans for WiFi Services for Retail Customers w.e.f 17.04.2015
Plan NamePrice (inclusive of service tax)WiFi Duration
BSNL WiFi freeNILFirst 20 minutes in a day for maximum 3 occasions in a month for the same mobile number
BSNL WiFi 30Rs. 30/30 minutes
BSNL WiFi 50Rs. 50/60 minutes
BSNL WiFi 90Rs. 90/120 minutes
BSNL WiFi 150Rs. 150/One day
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