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3G Video Calling FAQ

3G Video Calling

What I need to do to make a video call?

Having following things will enable you to make a video call. a. Both calling and called party should be 3G mobile customers. b. Both calling and called party should have suitable handset with 2 cameras.

Do I have to make special setting in my handset so that it can support Video call?

If you have a 3G service enabled handset and a 3G SIM (which is known as USIM) then you need to follow following steps to enable video call service for your self on your handset: a. Go to menu b. Click on setting™ button. c. Click on network d. Click on network mode e. Here you will see three options Dual, UMTS and GSM f. Clicking on Dual mode will first reboot your handset and then make your handset active for 3G network wherever it is available else the handset will remain active as it does in ordinary 2G/ 2.5 G network. Once your handset is in dual mode it will give preference to 3G network i.e. if both 2G/ 2.5G and 3G networks are there then will work in 3G Network.

How do I know that presently I am active in 3G network?

It will be visible on the screen of your handset. 3G sign will appear in your handset near the signal sign.

How do I make a Video Call?

When you and your friend both have 3G mobiles, just dial his number. The only difference is that you press the Video Call button instead of the voice call button(All 3G mobiles have a video calling button). Then hold your mobile in front of you, and watch your screen. Stepwise: a. Key in t he number of the person you wish to see and speak to b. Press video calling button to make your call c. Your video call is connceted.

How do I know that I am receiving a Video Call?


If someone Video Calls™ you while you're in 3G coverage, your mobile shows an icon on your mobile screen. To answer, press the Video Call button. You can even turn the camera off and have a normal voice call if you do not want to be seen

What number do I dial to make a video call?

 It's the same number as the voice number.

What happens if the person I am video calling does not have 3G services/ network?


Video calling is a 3G service - it is only possible if you both are within 3G coverage. If the other party is not in 3G network then the video call will not be connected, the call will drop and you will get a message œvideo call not supported by called party networkâ€?. In such a case you may like to make a voice call only.

What happens to my video call if I move out of 3G coverage area?


As video call is supported by 3G network only in BSNL hence if any of the party involved in conversation moves out of 3G coverage, the video call will drop. In such a case you may like to make a ‘voice call™.

What happens to my voice call if I move out of 3G coverage area?


You voice call will continue without any interruption.

Why can not I make a video call even when I have ful 3G signals?


Either the person you're calling doesn't have a compatible (3G) phone, or he is outside 3G coverage. In either case, the call will drop and you'll be have to make an ordinary voice call instead.


Is it possible to take voice call during internet surfing ?

What is video ring back tone ?
As in an audio ring back tone you hear the song which the called party has selected to be played when he/she is called, in the same way During video ring back you will see a video as selected by the called party

How many persons can simultaneously have video conferencing ?
Upto 10 People.

What is video streaming ?
Video Streaming is a sequence of "moving images" that are sent in compressed form over the Internet and displayed by the viewer as they arrive. It allows user to view video contents while downloading is in progress.

Is 3G coverage available in rural areas ?
At present r 3G coverage is available only in select cities and would be gradually extended to rural areas in due course of time

What will happen to my voice call if I move from 3G to 2G area ?
Your call will continue without getting dropped.

Will I get network coverage in Malls (basement) ?
BSNL is identifying such hotspots to provide coverage

What will happen to my data call (data card) while moving from 3G to 2G network ?
It will switch automatically to GPRS connection, i.e., the speed would be slower than that available in 3G network.

3G broadband available everywhere ?
Presently it is available in Ambala and is going to be available shortly in all state capitals and other major cities. For details, please log on to

What is a video call?
When you talk to some body over phone and are able to see the persson at other end on the screen of your phone then it is called a video call.

Why should I opt for video call?
Video Calling lets your friends see where you're hanging out. With Video Call, you can view both yourself, and the person you've called, in high quality, real-time video.
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