BSNL Email2SMS Service

What is BSNL Email2SMS Service?

Now send and receive your emails on your mobile phone as simple as SMS.

Your mail-Any time, anywhere. Get anytime, anywhere access to your E-Mails from your mobile phone. Its a mail program that keeps you connected with a mail experience designed for the all types of mobile phones.
You will have access to all the features you need, even when you are mobile. Let Email2SMS transform your phone into a mobile inbox that makes sure you are always in touch and don't miss out on important mails.

Here are 5 steps for gmail configuration for email2sms.

1. Login in your GMail.
2. Click on Settings on Right upper corner.
3. Now Click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" option.
4. Now Enable "Forward a copy of incoming mail to your pstpl id (that is 91+your mobile" and keep a copy of incoming mail to your inbox also.
5. Then Click on Save Changes Button.

6.Then click on the Resend Email option,then For your security, we'll send a verification to your mobile .
Ex - Confirmation code : 72593874
7. Back in your Gmail account, select the 'Forward a copy of incoming mail to...' option and paste your verification code and verify.
8. Click  on pop download
9. Then Select:Enable Pop for all the incoming mails arrived now.
10. CLICK On IMAP Access.
11. Select Enable IMAP Access.11. Save the Changes.

Value Added Services- Kerala BSNL

To know the VAS Services activated on your mobile send SMS STOP to 155223.To deactivate the VAS service,type the Number of VAS service in SMS you want to get deactivate, and again send to 155223     
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   application store   livedarshan  video call  mobile TV 

  application store  

BSNL CUG Tariff under 2G/3G Prepaid Mobile Services:

CUG Tariff under 2G/3G Prepaid Mobile Services:
Group SizeLocal CUGZonal/National CUG
Note: Voice Calls within the CUG free.
Each change in Number per occasion (Rs./Number) Rs. 5.00
^ To be consumed within 30 days from the date of activation** The extension of validity of all plans is made by using respective plan vouchers only 
# Free while roaming in BSNL network in other case Rs 1 /Min for voice call & Rs 0.05/Sec for video call will be charged.
## For North Zone & East Zone Circles w.r.t  Pyari Jodi ,Jai Jawan & Roam free Plan
1) 'Free voice call Off net' shall be read as 'Free Voice call Any-Net
2)'Local' shall be read as 'Local SMS Any net' and national SMS shall be taken as NIL
3)'Local SMS' shall be read as 'On-net SMS' & 'National SMS' shall be read as 'Off-net SMS '

^^Mobile =GSM & WLL-M  , Fixed = Landline & WLL- F         
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