BSNL Revises Annual 3G Data Plans with Fixed Monthly Data Usage

BSNL has revised its prepaid annual 3G data plans to offer data usage on fixed monthly basis. Earlier users activating annual data plans would get full data instantly with validity of one year. Now subscribers will only get a fixed monthly benefit added to their account every month for a period of 12 months. Annual data plans DPV1251, DPV2299 and DOV3299 used to offer 9 GB, 12 GB and 30 GB respectively with a validity of 12 months. From 01-03-2015 onward, customer activating these offer will get 750MB/month, 1.5GB/month and 2.5GB/month for 12 months respectively. Any unused data in account will not be carry forwarded to next month and will get truncated before adding next month data allowance.

BSNL Ends Data Carry Forward Facility, unused data to be canceled

BSNL was offering carry forward facility for its STVs and data vouchers for long time. But it has now decided to stop this facility and has directed all circles to implement this change with immediate effect.
On BSNL network subscribers could use same voucher to carry forward STV benefit or data benefit before the end of validity. This was a huge relief for subscribers who are not able to use up full benefit before validity expires. Now any unused benefit will be canceled at the end of validity and cannot be carry forward.

6th March 2015 will be Blackout Day for BSNL Kolkata Circle

6th March 2015 will be Blackout Day for Kolkata Circle


20% अत र त टॉक-वै य ू नए ीपेड ाहक के लए सम काड!क पेशकश माच! 2015 STV-135 335 Min Calls Local/STD Val.-30 days STV-395 1200 Min Calls Local/STD Val.-90 days STV-155 1 GB 3G Data Val.-26 days STV-44 1.4p/2sec Local Any-net Val.-30 days STV-176 1 GB 3G Data Val.-28 days ीपेड लोक% य STVs GSM ीपेड मोबाइल सेवाओंके तहत टॉप अप ऑफर सम BSNL OFFERS OF THE MONTH 20% अत र त टॉक-वै यू टॉप-अप-5000 एवंअ,धक 10% अत र त टॉक-वै यू टॉप-अप-1000 से4999 फ ु ल टॉक-वै य ू टॉप-अप 150,250 & 550 फ ु ल टॉक-वै य ूटॉप-अप 110 के पेपर वाउचर पर भी टॉपअप ऑफर कॉल दर म2कमी, पहले 90 3दन के लए त सेकं ड 4लान (PV-106) 1.8 p/sec 0.8 p/sec त मनट 4लान (PV-107) Rs.1/min 50 p/min सम ऑफर 31 माच! 2015 तक और ऑफर 23 माच!2015 तक ऑफर 2 अ ैल 2015 तक 50MB डेटा सभी 4लान वाउचर के साथ
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